Whitetail Quest is dedicated to promoting the whitetail deer industry.
We have revolutionized the sale of Whitetail Deer semen by making it available for you to find it in one central location at a very moderate cost to the supplier. We list many other AI related services free. To further help other new deer farmers we have added health help pages from first hand experience of what other deer farmers and us have learned from raising Whitetail deer.

Advertising on Whitetail Quest

Please inform us if you wish to pay for your ad using Paypal.
We can send you an invoice for your payment but we must add $0.50 plus 5 percent of the total.

Whitetailquest.com is provided for your use and benefit. All ads on Whitetailquest are for 1 (one) year beginning March 1 and ending February 28 the following year.
This includes any updates made at any time during the year.
For the Hunters Connection, a one year listing is the low cost of  $35.00
For Semen Providers, a one year listing is the low cost of $30.00 for the first Buck and $20.00 for each additional Buck.
( This is a one year listing ) Listing dates begins March 1 each year and end the last day of February the next year.

The cost to renew each existing Buck ad on March 1 for one year will be $10.00 with no updates or changes.

Renewal and updates or amendments (limit 2 pictures) are $15.00 for each Buck.
We must receive payment prior to updates being made.

All listings posted before November 15 will be considered posted for that same year breeding season and will expire on the coming February 28 following that season. ( = 3 + months )
All listings posted after November 16 will be considered posted for the next breeding season and will expire on February 28 following that breeding season. ( = 15 + months )

We will add your buck to our website once we receive payment and required information.

 You can use our handy E-mail Genetic Form to send us a genetic chart of your Buck.

We need current pictures (2 recommended) or those that show the highest Boone and Crocket score. We need to know his age at that time the pictures were taken. We would like you to send us any pictures of your Bucks sire or grand sires that you have so that we can link them to your Bucks genetic tree.  We will also link pictures of your buck's offspring to show their pass-down traits. Please resize pictures to no more than 600 X 600 pixels or no less than 300 X 300 pixels for best results. We will resize to fit the page.  Pictures can be emailed to this address richard@applecreekwhitetails.com
If you would rather snail mail us the information and pictures for the ad, click here to print a copy of the Genetic chart.  Please write the bucks' name and your name on the back of each picture, then mail them along with a check or money order to:

Whitetail Quest
14109 Cty Rd VV
Gillett, WI 54124

Please send a self addressed envelope with stamp, if you wants us to mail the pictures back to you after we have scanned them.

We reserve the right to remove any ad or reject any future ad at our discretion. At any time that we feel it is false or misleading or for non payment of previous ads.

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