Whitetail Quest is dedicated to promoting the whitetail deer industry.
We have revolutionized the sale of Whitetail Deer semen by making it available for you to find it in one central location at a very moderate cost to the supplier. We list many other AI related services free. To further help other new deer farmers we have added health help pages from first hand experience of what other deer farmers and us have learned from raising Whitetail deer.

One of the greatest keys to successful Deer farming is

If you don't advertise no one will know that You or Your Deer exist

new border=0 4/30/09 Bucks Listings Over 200 Bucks are listed by owners name for your easy reference.
Direct link to owners' email and phone numbers are provided for you to contact them directly for more info and pricing.

Deer Farms Promote the sale of your Deer, Fawns, Services and Equipment with pictures and other important information. Get your farm a web page soon.

Advertise Your Bucks or services with us, please view this page for details.

Yoder Family & Chupp Auctions  Great Lakes Classic Auction By John Yoder Family and Chupp's Whitetail Auctions

Subscribe now to! Whitetail Heartbeat of America
This magazine serves as a forum for development of connections between deer breeders nationwide and to further strengthen the coalition of state organizations in the consolidation and betterment of the whitetail deer farming industry.

Hunter Connection!
Due to numerous requests from hunters we have decided to list Hunting Preserves on Whitetail Quest
List your Hunting Preserve with us and become exposed to a very large number of potential customers that browse this website. Unlike higher costing printed ads, your ad is available to be viewed 24 hours a day and won’t get thrown out in the garbage with the rest of the newspapers. Click here for the Hunter Connection

Deer Health Whitetail Quest has added a new service to help new Deer farmers with answers to Deer Health problems. We want to thank all those who have contributed on the Deerfarmer.com Forums their info to help others in the Deer business. Most of these Questions and answers have been asked and answered on the Forums. We have compiled a small portion and will be constantly updating and categorizing then to better serve you.

Fawn Health Here you will find lots of information needed to properly raise a Whitetail Fawn

Services Links to persons and companies providing Services of: Inseminating, Semen Storage, Semen Extraction and DNA testing listed by State.

Suppliers Suppliers of Drop Chutes, Blinder hoods, Fencing, Waterers, Microchips, Medicines, Fawns care, AI. Equipment and thousands of more items to raise healthy Deer. Goat milk

Seminars If you wish to be trained and learn more about Artificial Insemination, check out the links on our Seminars page.

How to Artificial Inseminate  a Whitetail Doe.

Links to Whitetail Deer Associations and State Agencies  Links to State Legislatures, State Deer Associations, Natural Resource Agencies and Agricultural Agencies listed by state and country.
Also a link to USDA APHIS, U.S. State and Territory Animal Import Regulations.

Safari Club International score sheets, Typical and Non Typical PDF file downloads



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